Thursday, August 24, 2006

Packages, packages, packages

It seems I'm being reptititve in my blog topics, but in case you don't read the Zope 3 list:

Zope Corporation has just released a whole slew of packages for Zope 3, many of which could be very useful to Plone. For example:
  • zc.index -Zope 3 style indexes for RTF, MS Word, HTML etc. (wow...)
  • zc.preview - In-browser previews for various file formats
  • zc.notification - Framework for doing e.g. email notifications
  • zc.selenium - The Zope 3 equivalent of PloneSelenium
  • zc.vault - A subversion-style repository stored in the ZODB (wow again)
  • zc.winauth - Authentication against Windows domains
  • zope.html - FCKEditor Zope 3 widget
  • zc.set - Persistent Python set implementation
All to be found in :)

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